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Master List

Ok I've finally caved in and admitted it.
I need a Master List

So here it is, for now only my Primeval stories since I realised I have too much Empire Records fic that I never posted on live journal.
Sometimes in the near future I will have to post it all here and then add it to the Master List.
So.. *drum rolls* here it is!
All my Primeval stories in reading order so far.

Master ListCollapse )

Getting out of Irene's way

Hello everyone,
I know it's been months and months since I posted last, life has been a bit crazy lately.
Even more so at the moment here on the East Coast with Hurricane Irene on its way.
We are getting ready to evac our house since we're in mandatory evac zone and going to go stay with a friend's mom only about 15 minutes away from us.
Hopefully everything is going to blow over and Irene is going to turn out to be only some high winds and a couple of inches of water inside the house but we're getting ready for the worse just in case. Moving everything valuable on the second floor and taking pictures of everything for the insurance.
I will try to update every few hours (during the daytime) on Facebook (most energy efficient way to keep family and friends updated at the same time). Just, please keep us in your thoughts.
Love, V
Signal Boosting for trinityofone and a very worthy cause


Please help — looking for volunteers for a project to help the American hikers imprisoned in Iran

Serious business time: My father, who often does work for Amnesty International, is working on a film to help the American hikers who've been imprisoned in Iran for over a year. Unfortunately, his regular transcribers have suddenly become unavailable, and the deadline for which he needs to finish the film for it to make a maximum impact has moved up. He asked me if I had any friends (meaning RL friends) who would be willing to help with the transcription work. I told him I'd find a way to take care of it, because I knew I had an even better resource at my disposal: fandom has always been wonderful at donating its time and energy to charitable causes, and this is a case where your help would definitely be appreciated.

Here's my dad's description of the project:

Thanks very much for reaching out to your friends on behalf of the short pro-bono film I'm producing for the families of Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer, and Sarah Shourd. As you know, Shane and Josh have been unjustly imprisoned in Iran for 440 days. Sarah was released on September 14, after over a year in solitary confinement. We want to correct the misconceptions that still cling to what happened, vividly profile who they are - and make a powerful, comprehensive, internationally focused case for Josh and Shane's immediate release. We filmed Sarah's approximately 2 hour interview (plus a short exchange with her mother, and some B-Roll) on Sunday. I need to write the script ASAP, but first need transcriptions of the interviews. Balancing any tedium in the process is the importance of the effort, and Sarah's powerful story and personal character.

Fortunately, the film is divided into many short segments of about 5-10 minutes. This means each volunteer would only have to do a small portion of the work, which I'm working on a spreadsheet system to dole out. My dad has also made a template so that even if you've never done transcription work before, you should have no problem picking it up.

This is a very real way in which you could help this worthy cause. If you would like to volunteer, please comment on this post or email me at trinityofone AT gmail DOT com (ETA: And please include your email! Thanks!). (Please feel free to ask any questions through these same venues.) If you volunteer, I will send you a link, username, and password so you can download the assigned film file(s). (They're in .mov format—I'm not sure everything that plays on, but they work on Quicktime and VLC.) This is time sensitive, so if there's any way you could donate a bit of time and effort in the next couple days, it would be so appreciated! And please feel free to spread the word!

Thank you so much!

NYCC 2010 Pictures - Day Three and Art

Final day guys, sorry for spamming my flist so :)

Sunday was Kids Day and the previous day somehow Alex had come up asking if he could be Wolverine so him and his friends could make up a part of the Super Heroes Squad

Squaddies Hero Up!

Last post, I promiseCollapse )
This was our first convention and OMG it was awesome.

Cut for flailing happy geeknessCollapse )

BEST PART The face of a little kid at the train station on Friday when he saw Spidey in his Batman outfit. We were the only ones dressed up around and his jaw literally dropped to the floor and he started flailing and flapping :D

WORSE PART Can't really think of much apart from the high food prices but I think we might be still too pumped up to think straight :D

In finality, the family who geeks out together, stays together :D

Anything to make my life easier

I was starteled out of my Business Plan work (last live class of my MBA, I have to prepare a viable Business Plan from top to bottom and I'm doing it about a solar power installation company) by an awesome e-mail in my inbox. The grocery store chain I regulalry go to now has an iPhone App for their delivery system! I checked it out and OMG I might be dead lazy but this thing is awesome!
Delivery costs me a fraction and actually saves me money because it eliminates impulse buy and I can compare prices a lot easier from the comfort of my home (or iPhone) rather than when I have my delightful 4 years old chattering in my ear :)
While poking about the App I noticed I can even scan barcodes of things I have in the house with the iPhone and they will be automatically added to my list!
I know I'm a geek, I know it's kinda sad to be so excited but what can I say?
I like life's small comforts (and now I don't have to run out to the store in the middle of my weekend and waste over an hour on it!)

Also I'd like to take this opportunity to make the resolution of posting a bit more often, my lj looks all dusty from disuse and certainly a bunch of people will have cut me out of their flist thinking I moved to greener pastures but I miss lj world and now that the boy is in school 5 days a week (vs the 3 he was for the past year) I definitely can make time for it :)

Icon Post - The Gates

Because I obviously don't have enough to do as it is. Made these last night for my latest obsession. Definitely do not have time to post them now but I defy time and space :D
There is a reason why I've not posted icons in ages (even longer than any actual posting on this journal but when madness strikes it strikes me good :)

If you like the icons (and even if you don't) go watch the show, it's cool, sometimes a little on the cheesy side but I love the mix of supernatural and suburbia and there is nowhere near enough activity in the fandom that there should be!


OMG OMG OMG Dragons!!

A little over 24 hours before I get to vrey briefly meet Naomi Novik, maybe get the chance to ask her a question or two and get my little greedy hands on the latest book!
Temeraire and Laurence here I come!!

PS: If anyone is interested in a signed copy of Tongues of Serpents let me know and we can sort it out (especially the Brits on my flist since the book doesn't come out in the UK till September)


Title : The Will of God
Fandom : Supernatural/Jesus Christ Superstar
Rating : G
Characters/Pairings : Castiel, Judas/Jesus
Disclaimer : Not mine. No really, Cas belongs to Kripke and I'm enough in trouble with those upstairs without claiming I actually have any stakes on the other two
Summary: Cas remembers someone he met while looking for Dean in Hell
A/N: So, I've always loved Jesus Christ Superstar and then joereaves made me watch the 2000 movie version and the awesome level of slashiness overwhelmed me. When it then met my current Supernatural obsession I realised I was in big trouble. This is what I ended up with, slightly blasphemous fic which supposedly takes place in the same universe as Supernatural (and that obviously already has not one but two sequels).
For the record, I don't want to offend anyone so if you'd rather not read bible slash just skip right over this post.

Hopefully I won't get too much in trouble with those upstairs for this...Collapse )

I have managed to write a Supernatural/Jesus Christ Superstar crossover which features Castiel, has no SPN pairings and has references to Jesus Christ Superstar slash (Judas/Jesus)...
It's quite a bit blasphemous simply for the theory I'm pushing with it (not going into more details not to spoil the fic) and I have no idea where the heck to post this apart from my personal journal.

Any ideas?


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